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July 3, 2017

Moody and mysterious, the Lymbs seem to want to do things differently and are never too eager to please. Ultimately, their tunes prove to be compelling and winning, thanks to a studied simplicity, an edgy intimacy, that is at work on every recording. “Colors and Clockwork” is a case in point. The song has a spare, intriguing arrangement that patiently builds a percolating groove. “In a Hall of Mirrors” is cut from the same sonic cloth and is likewise punctuated by stabs of electronic dissonance. The band’s vision crystalizes with “The Hourglass” where singer Gage Bickerstaff’s raspy tenor impresses with its emotive ability. Fans of alt-J will gravitate to this band, whose low-key burn is just what the doctor ordered.

Review Committee, Music Connection Magazine

June 28, 2016

So many tracks come across my track on a daily basis, and while I claim to fawn over so many, I’ll admit that the favorite I’ve found this week is this brand new song from The Lymbs (now based in Oakland). It has this crunchy style of rock to it, stuttering at moments, before lurching forward into a full-fledged rocker. Since relocating from New Mexico, the band have been hard at work trying to get things up and running, so expect a full EP or album to come from the band in just a short span of time!

Nathan Lankford, Austin Town Hall

January 13, 2016


Lymbs latest release, Moon is an informed and deeply complex work that is at turns bluesy, propulsively gritty and operatic in scope and execution. Certainly serious rocanrol such as this should be heard and seen outside the boundaries of this humble burg; Bickerstaff’s guitar playing has a wicked edge to it that suggests Melchiondo during his most intense Moistboyz moments while Bell’s use of percussion is reminiscent of Carlock’s muscular yet jazzified approach to the drums.


August March, The Albuquerque Alibi

July 9, 2015


Drummer Jeff Bell and git/vox man Gage Bickerstaff fit together musically to an extant that The Lymbs have staying power. I bet these guys will be around for a while, and I predict Moon will hold up as well as the great music they'll be making in the future. Recommended.


Geoffrey Plant, The Albuquerque Alibi

March 11, 2015


"I shrugged my shoulders and said, “So what? They make some good noise. Anyone could imitate this. I’ve heard better.” I ran through my head and compared them to other bands, though none of them local. I’d already subconsciously elevated them. They mind-molested me with their hair and sound. I’d never heard that type of instrumental and lyrical complexity from a band, much less a two-piece, in Albuquerque. Denial is a powerful form of appreciation. 

      Ergo, I went to a second show at Low Spirits where I heard them play Kerosene for the first time. Fuck it baby, just fall into my arms." 


Jeremy Kinter, Pyragraph Online Magazine 

October 2, 2014


"Well, this seems awkward, but I seemed to have arrived late to the party.  Everyone I know seems to have heard about The Lymbs except for me.  So, naturally, I log on to some research on these guys and, BAM!, half of my friends have liked and followed their pages.  Why didn't anyone inform me of the greatness I've been missing out on?"


Todd Rhode, Local IQ

February 19, 2014


"Each and every time the tunes approach that laid-back or precious brand of radio rock, they ditch with the cute and head back into a Black Sabbath-y blues-metal shred-a-thon or heavy-hitting drum fill that proves their expert ability to marry soft and hard like a couple of geniuses."


Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter

February 4, 2014


"In a world full of assembly-line-produced, rip-off bands, The Lymbs take a unique, refreshing approach to bringing back rock music. And they do it in a big way."


Kirk Windus, WSBU FM the Buzz

December 27, 2013


"After releasing their debut five-song EP “Casa de Amor” on Nov. 8, The Lymbs – singer/guitarist Gage Bickerstaff and drummer Jeff Bell – are creating videos for the songs.  The five songs on “Casa de Amor” showcase a minimalist blues funk that builds momentum off Bickerstaff’s soulful vocals."


Paul Maldonado Jr., Albuquerque Journal

October 2, 2013


From the engagement of the other people in the crowd, I can earnestly confirm the consensus of approval The Lymbs received that evening. To say you should’ve been there is an understatement. To miss them again would be deplorable."


Eduardo Robinson, New Mexico Entertainment

June 21, 2013


"In the over-saturated realm of rock and roll, The Lymbs have found a mountain of sound to stand on. With the desire to not only be unique, they strive to lyrically inform their stance on culture, love, and the importance of change."


Kyle Ruggles, Humbird New Mexico

November 15, 2012


"The Lymbs have chops. Singer / guitarist Gage Bickerstaff and drummer Jeff Bell conjure sultry rock with a twinge of blues -- think late-'60s and '70s rock infused with The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and Robert Johnson.”


Lizzy Von Stange, The Albuquerque Alibi

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